Monday, October 1, 2012

For Jenn :)

This is a blog post designed specifically for Jennifer Hill. Enjoy!

Let me hear a HOLLA for all you wives/moms who like to cook, but hate, nay, LOATHE the inevitable task of picking out dinners to make. I've always told Matt that I love to cook, and am so excited for the opportunity to cook him dinner, but that he should have the tiny responsibility of picking the meals out. Right? Well, that never works. He has ADD. Or maybe he's just a guy, IDK. So I've been battling this now for 4.5 years, and have finally come up with a solution. A dinner board. I'd seen a few on Pinterest here and there, but never pinned nor thought to make one. UNTIL one fateful July afternoon when my mother-in-law presented me with a neat magnetic chalkboard. It sat around waiting for me to make BIG plans to use it. And then BAM. After the final "Matt, we have to sit down and plan the meals for the week" conversation was initiated, he suggested that I plan meals out for 60 days. WHAT?! Yeah right... So I came up with this little diddy. I got out my hot glue gun, adhesive magnet strips, etc and and hour later, voila! Here we are:

It was pretty simple. I compiled a list of all the meals I regularly make, and printed those off on cardstock. I color-coded them so that I could easily make a variety of meals using various meats, etc. The categories I have are beef (brown), chicken (yellow), pork (red), meatless (blue), and special ones (green) those are reserved for date night, going out, new recipes, etc. They aren't meals, but they take up the empty spaces. I made the header, and little pockets to store the extras. Then I headed outside to the clothes line and took 7 clothes pins:

I glued the magnets to the clothes pins on one side and the day of the week on the other. The little meal strips are simply clipped into the day. All of the components to the board have magnets on them so I can change anything I want at any time. But that is just cause it's what I had to work with. I'm sure you could do the same with a thin sheet of metal, a half-cookie sheet, cardboard, whatever. And boom goes the dynamite. Done.

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Jenni said... are FABULOUS and it's totally magical! :) LOVE it...and now, I MUST make one for my own home! THanks for doing this for me....and now, it's hitting pinterest!!!!