Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 2010

A few exciting things have happened in the last little while.

A few days ago, Matt and I went to his uncle's cattle ranch to help out for the day. We had our respective responsibilities: Matt- wrestle the calves into the shoot, Laura- once the calves are branded and tagged, give them shots.

It was such a fun day with Mark, Susan and the cousins. We got to ride horses, eat some freaking sweet chow, and learn that it's fun to work on a cattle ranch... For the day. :) We also finally got sunburned. We've been waiting for that.

Susan got some awesome pics of the events, so I'll be sure to load those once I get my hands on em.

Secondly, I've had an exciting 2 weeks, art-wise. A couple of weeks ago, I submitted 2 of my Black & White photos (from the B&W film photography class at UNLV) to an art magazine here at ISU, Black Rock & Sage. The magazine is comparable to The Vagus Nerve at UNLV. Well, I'd been turned down plenty of times regarding my artwork, so I was getting myself ready for rejection, again. Well, We got back from Utah for Easter and I had an email waiting in my inbox congratulating me for having my photo chosen to be published in the magazine! The magazine will be coming out soon, and when it does, I'll post a link to the online version of the issue.

AND THEN, if I wasn't excited enough already, some more good news cam my way. I also submitted a few of my paintings to the Undergraduate Exhibition Show that ISU puts on once a year. I went down to the gallery a few days later, where they posted all the works that would be featured in the show, and LO AND BEHOLD, Laura Cutler was on the list!!! If you have read my blog, you'll know that I had a post a few months ago that went over my life goals. Well, one of them was to get my art in a gallery. Well, check.

I called Matt AS SOON as I read that my work was accepted, and he was very excited for me. What a wonderful guy. He surprised mr by taking me to dinner and then to the opening of the show.

Proof that my shiz was here... In a gallery.

I was excited. But I was sure no one was watching when Matt snapped this pic...

Later that night, we went over to our friends' house. On the way to their house, we always see this house...

And Matt wanted me to add the caption, "How fast is your house?" or was it "My house is faster than yours..."

I don't remember...