Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Birthdays, Disneyland, and creepy molester dude?

Seriously. We've had an eventful month in the Cutler household. Our precious little person turned 1! Here's a visual run down of that.

Best pic I could get of her tiny piggy tails. She was on the MOVE!

Um... where's my cake?

Yeah, I know that I'm a lame mom cause I only gave her a cupcake instead of a huge cake. If she gets too much sugar, she waked up screaming in the middle of the night with a stomach ache. So this was a win win situation.

Daddy wanted to help.

After Daddy gave her a quick bath. She's ready for presents!

Then a few of us went outside to play Bocce Ball. FUN.

4 Generations of goodness.

A week later, Mommy was on a plane to Las Vegas (alone) to go to Disneyland with her sisters and mom. I know. Matt is a saint. He stayed home with Addy for 3 whole days so Mommy could go be immature at the most magical place on Earth.

I thought all of our black bags looked cool. And they do.

Stopping at the famous Barstow station for breakfast!

I think it was about 402 degrees in Anaheim and this dude is wearing this hat. WTF?!

Captain Eo was back! Greatest 3D adventure yet.

It ain't Disneyland without some churros.

Here's the story: I am still slightly bitter about this. I JUST got done saying that before I die, I want to be asked to hold the card that determines the wait times at the beginning of the ride. Well, we headed onto Space Mountain, and the dude handed it to Brittany!!!!! I was so excited that I even got to touch it. She is one lucky girl. Maybe one day.... 

Getting ready for the parade to start!
 Also, Matthew decided that for his premid-life crisis, he was going to grow a beard. Creepy, I know. So he grew it out nice and thick, then decided to take it down little by little. Here's how that went:


First trimming. 
Second. Biker idiot.

Orange County Choppers

Inspector Gadget.

Ned Flanders

He does not know that I posted these pictures. He'll probably kill me. But it's freaking funny, no?

More fun posts to come soon. :)