Wednesday, June 13, 2012


We're having another baby. WHAT!? Yep. Due December 19th. Merry Christmas.


We love Idaho. We LOVE it here. Here's why: for every holiday, you can always find something fun and small-townsy to participate in. Well, this year for Memorial Day, we headed to Chesterfield, ID for the Annual Memorial Day Extravaganza. We were not disappointed. Chesterfield is kind of an abandoned town. There is a foundation pays for the upkeep and the town is open for tour and visitors for a few weeks in the summer. 

As we pulled up, the local Boy Scouts were preparing for a flag ceremony. After that, we headed into the activity center for the bake sale. Let's just say we definitely contributed to the upkeep of Chesterfield. We then toured a few of the old cabins, made rope and prairie diamond rings, visited a museum, paid more than a few pennies at a penny candy store, shook the heck outta some cream to make butter, and make little ghost fabric dolls. After that, there was an auction and a ton of laughs.

Addy and Daddy found a bench just her size to hang out on for a bit.

Farmer Logan and wife/sister Lindsay.

Left to right: bag of penny candies, 2 delicious sodas, Caroline (Addy's new prairie doll), watermelon rock candy, and creepy homemade ghost doll?

The best shiz to date.


Our first tractor ride!

She was a pretty good driver.

Daddy is hot.

This presh old guy was teaching Matt how to make rope. Obviously, he was thrilled. 

Makin butter!

Turns out, Addy loves homemade bread, homemade butter and homemade strawberry-rhubarb jam. Who wouldn't though?

Not sure if she wants to help momma shake up the butter.

Kaden is obviously too cool.
 Then we drove about 2 miles down the road to a reservoir to fish! Addy fell asleep on the way there and slept for 3 hours while we fished! Don't worry, she was in the car with the windows down, 10 feet away. So chill.

When she woke up, Matt was smart enough to just take out her whole car seat and plop her on the tailgate. She was quite happy there!

So about 2 hours into fishing, Matt decides that he wants to keep some of our fish. So since he forgot his little keep the fish all together rope thing, he built a dam. A dam that the fish we constantly flopping out of and so Matt spent the last hour rounding up his catches. With a huge hook tied onto a large branch.

Hi Tiny!

Said branch. Plus the fish catcher. Well, fish stabber. Let's be honest. I was the one fishing.

And doing all the dirty work like ripping the hook back out of the fish's mouth. I'll be honest though. I love this crap. 

Tiny but FUN! Kind of like Addy. :)
Happy Memorial Day!