Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Dizzay.

Well, since I know all about everyone else's V-Days, I thought I'd share with you all mine. It actually started the day before. I went to get my car smogged then to the DMV so I could finally get my car registered under my name. That was delightful. I waited only about 10 minutes in the "Wait her to get a number so you can wait some more" line. Then I waited about a half hour to be seen. Most of the DMV employees that I have come in contact with have just been in bad moods. I don't think any of them like their jobs. But the sweet little foreign lady I got was so nice. She laid out all of the license plates so I could PICK ONE! ;) None of them were really of any significance, so I just picked a random one. I did however, thank her for letting me pick. And she says, ina delightfully cute accent, "It's no problem. You smile for me, and it don't cost me a thing". Oh I loved her.

Then I went to the mall to get Matt's V-Day gift...... ;) And stopped in JCPenny to see if they had any good purses on sale, and they did! I bought an awesome cerulean- blue with a hint of green purse. It's kind of aqua-y but more blue and it's BRIGHT!!! Anyways, that was my Valentine's gift to myself. So that's awesome.

So I get home later that night, and Matt says I have to go upstairs for a while while he sets something up down stairs, for the next day (V-Day). So he's doing whatever downstairs while I'm reading upstairs. He finally comes upstairs and wraps his bathrobe around my head and face. I don't know why he didn't just use a shirt, but I guess it got the job done. He led me downstairs and sat me on a chair. He took the bathrobe off of my head and I was sitting right by the piano. I though I knew what would be coming next because one year ago that day (Feb 13) he proposed to me by singing and playing the song that he wrote for me. So I sat down and immediately started to tear up beacuse I could see how nervous he was. Now, remember that Matt is now the loudest singer so when he sang to me that night I couldn't hear all of the words, but this time I did. The song was sooooo personal and beautiful and meaningful to me that I was having a hard time composing myself the whole time. But then he took my wedding ring from me (and he took his off too, to make it more realistic I guess) and proposed to me all over again. I was crying again, of course. Then he lifted me out of the chair and said, "Now, this isn't quite right". He wrapped the bathrobe around my head again and he scooted me back a little bit until my legs were hitting something that felt a lot like a double papasan chair. He sat me down and it was!!! He had this chair hidden in our house for 2 days, and I didn't know it. He still won't tell me where it was he had it, stinker. But we sat there on that chair for a while. Now the story behind that chair is this...

We wanted a cool papasan chair to match our tropical theme in our living room. The Cunninghams in our ward told us there were some at Pier 1, so we went over there about 2 months ago to check it out. Well, there was a DOUBLE PAPASAN there and it was the shiz. It was kind of expensive so we decided to think about it. For two months, I would make little comments about how I wish we had that chair. I figured that we just would never get it so I dropped it, but then he surprised me with it!!! He is the BEST HUSBAND IN THE WORLD!!

Then the next day we slept in, hung out, went to the Temple, visited my new little niece, and went grocery shopping (our favorite thing in the whole worl.d Fresh N Easy is our favorite place to be). We went home and took a nap on our neat-o chair. Then we went to Cugino's (Our unofficial first date) for dinner and then went to the UNLV vs Colorado State game where WE WON!!!!

Anyways, that was my awesome first V-Day with an incredible husband... ;)