Friday, May 2, 2008

Closing in...

There are a few things that I've been doing/thinking about lately. First off, I went to Pei Wei yesterday with my co-workers. If you've been there, you know that by the soft drinks, they have a basket FULL of fortune cookies that you may take as you please. I LOADED up on those mothers. So I sat down and while I was waiting for my food, I opened a fortune cookie, and read the fortune inside. Of all the things it could've said, it said, "ALMOST THERE". Heck YEAH! I got all stoked and then opened a few more, but didn't actually eat the cookies, cause who does that?? So that was a pretty tight. In case those of you reading this hasn't read any of my other blogs, or don't know me or my current situation, I am getting married in 36 days, and it feels like it's been forever since I've gotten engaged. So the fact that I'm ALMOST THERE makes me pretty excited. So that's the first order of business.

SECONDLY, the house stuff is all underway. Our lender got all of the information that he need from us, and we are going to CLOSE ON OUR FIRST HOUSE next Wednesday! Until then, I'll be looking at appliances such as ovens and refrigerators.

I finally figured out how to put songs on our profile. It's kind of a hodge podge of songs that Matt and I like. "Stealing Cinderella" is a song that my dad has told me time and time again reminds him of my and Matt's situation. He thinks that Matt is "ridin in and stealing Cinderella". As sad as I know that me leaving the nest makes my dad, he helps me to feel better by telling me that he wants to dance with me at our wedding to this song. I thought that it was really sweet of him to come up with this idea himself. My dad is big buff "I'll kill you if you touch my daughter" kind of guy, but when it comes to his little girls, he is a big softie. "Beautiful Girl" is always a song that Matt and I have liked. It came on during our first date while we were eating at "The Olive" (The BEST Mediterranean food in the world). So when we hear it, it reminds us of our first date. "The Luckiest" is a song about how we feel. Not just about our relationship, but about many things: the Gospel, our education, our jobs, our sense of humor, and our families. "I've Just Seen A Face" is from the greatest movie of ALL time. Across the Universe is incredible. SO go out and rent it. Please. Plus, Jim Sturgess is a total stud. "Let it Be" is also another Beatles song that Matt and I both love. "Collide" is a song that Matt plays on the guitar and sings for me, and it's probably a contender for one of the first reason's that I fell in love with him. So that's the story of the songs on our blog as of TODAY.

I am currently writing this blog because I am putting off studying for my Anatomy & Physiology final exam tomorrow. I am getting out of this class about 2 weeks early, but I am still putting off studying like an idiot, cause it's the end of the semester, but I'm pretty much burnt out. After I dumb my brain down for a little while typing out this blog, I'll get back to studying.

Matt's at UNLV studying away as usual. Most of you might think that this blog is for both me AND Matt, but you don't really hear much from Matt, or about what he's doing. Well, if I wrote about him studying and going to class, and teaching his classes everyday, you would all get pretty freaking bored. That's all that he really does lately, so I won't bother to tell you any more about that...