Friday, August 22, 2008


So, we headed out with reception food in hand and a bag of "GOODIES"from Markus and Shylo. ;) We went over to Green Valley Ranch and checked in. We had a great time there, and the hotel room was beautiful and we had an awesome view of the pools below. We slept in the next morning and when down to the concierge's desk and they looked up an LDS church that started at 1. They map-quested directions and then we were off to church, and Matt was excited because he was fulfilling his Priesthood duties! So was I because we were going to a church far enough away from our family and friends, so we wouldn't see any one that we knew. We were just trying to avoid any awkward glances that said, "Hey, I know what you did last night..." So we showed up to a ward in Anthem and sat in the back. Then our friends Brandi & Seth popped out of no where. We talked with them for a while, and were grateful it was them and no one else. We had an awesome time talkin with them. After church, we went home and finished packing our stuff. At 10 pm that night, our friend Brittany, and one of my bridesmaids brought us to the airport. I still had no idea where were going at this point. Matt has kept this a secret for a long time, without budging!!! I was very impressed. So we got to the place where we check in, and the airline name was Mexicana. So there was clue one. I finally got my ticket, and it said "Mexico City". I was confused, but Matt assured me that it was just a stop... Whew. I slept on the way to Mexico City, and when we stepped off the plain into the airport I wanted to die. I was soooooooo cold. I thought Mexico was hot and miserable and humid! Anyways, we had a layover for about an hour, which was just enough time to go through customs and get lost and then get to the right terminal. Wow. So then, our next ticket says Cancun.... Interesting... But Matt let me know that it was just another stop. I was confused. I would have been JUST FINE with Cancun. But we got on the plane again, then got off the plane again... And we had to get off the plane and right onto the tarmac. Once I stepped out, WHOOSH, my curly hair was flat and I was sweating in about 3 seconds. So we went and got the baggage and made it through customs again, we were off, we took a car to our resort... It was about an hour to our resort and the ride there was pretty interesting. Taking in the surroundings as I looked out the window, on one side of the highway were these extravagant entrances to the resorts along the beach. I mean these things were huge, and probably unnecessarily large. Fountains and all this other stuff. They were cool and all, but whoa. The almost are trying to top the Strip. And on the other side of the road, there is nothing but run down shacks, in which people live, and litter and weeds. It is so weird to see that. Two different worlds on the different sides of the road. But anyways, we get to the resort and it is absolutely beautiful! It's HUGE and there are people there waiting on us hand and foot to assist us in any way. As soon as we got there, there was a lady there with drinks for us, and they already had our bags, and checked in and we were on our way. We got to our room and sat down for only a minute and then we went out to explore. Okay, I know this is boring, and sounds like a freaking journal entry, so I am going to finish up this honeymoon story that happened a million years ago so I can get on with the rest of my life. SHEESH!!!
So the resort was amazing (& ALL INCLUSIVE, which meant FOOD, whenever we wanted!!!) The beach was beautiful and all that jazz. We booked a few tours to go on around the Mayan ruins there in the Yucatan Peninsula. We went to Coba, the largest Mayan ruin on the peninsula, we went to Tulum, which is an incredible ruin on the coast. We also visited Xel-Ha, which is kind of like a Mexican Wet N Wild. There are many places there to snorkel, cliff jump, tube, scuba, and all that other fun water shite (the ''E'' is there on purpose). We went canoeing, rappelling, swimming in fresh water caves (cenotes), zip lining, hiking through the jungle, and so much other cool stuff. Then one day we went to the town Playa del Carmen where we did our souvenir shopping, layed out on the beach, walked for an hour in the pouring rain (on purpose), visited the local Wal-mart, and saw the other sites of the city. Another day, we hung out at the resort and layed on the beach there, snorkeled again, and ate all the free (kind of) crap that we wanted. I ate sooo much guacamole, and then we decided to go to dinner. I ate one bite of my filet mignon, and I threw up. I swear. I got one step into the bathroom, and threw up on the wall. I felt bad cause there was a cute little Mexican girl that just got done cleaning the bathroom, and she had to go off and clean it again. It really was sad. Anyways, the honeymoon was INCREDIBLE, and we had the vacation of a lifetime. I am sick of writing about it now, and I'm not going to go back and make it cute and colorful cause I am just sick and tired of this post already. If you would like to know more about my honeymoon, feel free to ask me. HAHAHA Maybe I will even put some pitcures in this post after a while.