Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just 42 more days!!!

I know everyone ALWAYS feels this way, but where the H did the year go? Really, it's been about 86 seconds since last Christmas. But I'm not complaining. So siree. I LOVE Christmas. But I think this year is going to be extra special because now I have my own little tiny family. A.K.A. Matt & I. We will still be w/ the fam most of the time, but we get to start our own traditions for this Holiday Season.

We have already purchased our first Christmas decoration. We were in Albertsons one night looking for Cinnamon Syrup so I could jack the Starbucks Caramel Apple Cider recipe. Well, we had no luck finding it, but we did, however find a 3-foot tall Mickey Mouse dressed as Santa for 29.99 and bought that mother then. It's pretty sweet, and he is now residing royally on a side table in our front room.

We have a plan for our first Christmas tree. We are going to buy a tiny, sucky, Charlie Brown tree this year, and decorate it all up with random things that could be ornaments, but probably shouldn't be ornaments. But then right after Christmas, we will go find a nice artificial (it sucks to say fake, but everyone knows that it's what artificial means... :( ) tree with lights already built in. And then that will be our family Christmas tree for then until it falls apart.

We are so excited for the Christmas season. Not only do we get to celebrate the humble yet miraculous birth of our Savior, but we get to:

-bundle up in sweaters and beanies and scarves,

-drink hot chocolate,


-find that PERFECT gift for someone you know,

-make fun of houses with really sucky lights on em,

-count the number of houses with lights on em when you are going from point A to point B,

-see your breath at night,

-go to the mall and not shop, but people watch,

-watch the already awesome, but a little more awesome cooking shows,

-be around lots of family,

-not go to school/work for at least a week,

-still after all these years not be able to go to sleep on Christmas Eve,

-and other Christmas-like activities.

So I dare any of you to try to tell me that there is a holiday better than this one. I triple-dog-dare you! ;)