Monday, March 8, 2010

9 a.m. class was cancelled...

Well, I can't tell you of a better feeling than coming to school and seeing that the class that you hate the most is cancelled. Well, let's be honest, there are many better feelings, but for this exact moment, it's the best.

Well, I figured it was a good time to update you all on what's been happening in the life of the Cutlers since the last post. Again, there will be more photos than commentary... You're welcome.

We left off with Christmas and Matt's first day of work...

This is just a nice view of what Idaho sunsets look like when Matt gets home.

For Family Home Evening a few weeks ago, we took Grandma Cutler bowling. She is crazy. She is 90 years old and is as sharp as a Cutco. We had a blast with her that night, and went over to Rupe's for a couple of Root Beers afterwards.

Sorry for the lame blurriness of the photo. The lighting wasn't very good, and let's be honest, no one looks good with the flash on em.

Action shot!

Matt was such a good sport...

Matt=PB, Grandma Cutler=LC, Laura=TL
You got it. Grandma Cutler not only got a strike, but she beat Matt!!!! :)

Matt took me fishing on Saturday (The 6th of March). He knows that I LOVE fishing so he surprised me one morning and took me fishing! I really have only fished up on Cedar mountain in little lakes that are stocked... But this was different! It was sooo pretty and it was such a nice day! We didn't catch a dang thing, but it was still a lot of fun. Matt started to get restless and annoyed with the recluse fish, so he made fun out of when there was to push into the river. You can imagine the rest.

Cracked out lake. Pretty awesome looking.


Close up of the cracks.

After fishing we drove around to look at stuff. Right next to the cracked out lake was this bed of munga munga. It looked weird right next to a winter wonderland... Matt got extra excited because this crap is his favorite color.

Every once in a while we will line the window sills with peanuts. We love to watch our little buddies come up to the window and take their prizes.

I thought it was neat that the little doobies come right up to the window and don't give a dang who is watching and how close they are.

I was trying to be inconspicuous when I first saw them, but them realized they didn't much care if you were close to them or not.

A few other things that we've been up to...
  • I don't think I posted that Matt and I got callings in our new ward. Well, we got called as Sunday School teachers for the 14-15 yr olds. They are such a blast!!!!!
  • We substituted for a class, spoke in church, got callings and spoke at a fireside for youth in the first 4 weeks of living here.
  • Matt's mom, Grandma Nate and I all attempted making tamales for the first time. Cindy (Matt's mom) made some AWESOME filling while I squished up the corn meal tamale mix stuff and Grandma Nate helped us spread the stuff on the corn husks, stuff em and fold em up. They were SOOOOO FREAKING GOOOOOD!!! We had a blast that night and I think we'll be doing it again very soon...
  • We went to Africa Night with Cindy and Steve. We had some awesome ethnic food (kind of like the food that you see in Indiana Jones when the plane crashed and he ends up in that village...), saw some neat dances and saw some sweet A clothes that they wear in Africa. We went to a little diner after that for some pie and we laughed hysterically for about 39 minutes about different FarmVille scenarios... Don't worry. You had to be there.
  • Matt is enjoying his job, and I'm loving being a house wife and going to school... Don't ask when I'll be done with school. The answer is never. Hahaha
  • The other night, Matt and I were getting ready for bed when he realized that we didn't make banana bread for his boss... Yeah, he needed to bribe his boss into letting him switch 2 days of his work schedule so that we can go down to New Harmony to hang out with my family for General Conference and Easter. So we jumped out of bed and spent the next hour of our lives making banana bread. We were tired the next morning, but Matt gave his boss the bread, and now we are ret to go to the ranch!!! :)

That's about it. Any questions? Oh, and no, Stacie, I haven't any pictures of the yellowed tree yet, but I can assure you that the tree is probably dying right now... :)

Can you guess what this is? I thought it was pretty sweet looking.