Monday, October 1, 2012

It's Utah State or BUST!

That's not intended to sound like we are fans of Utah State. We are not, BUT we are willing to go to Logan, Utah when our beloved (albeit HORRIBLE) UNLV Rebels are playing the Aggies. We drove down with our friends Dave and Bonnie (also UNLV fans) for a fun, but disappointing game. Well, technically, can you be disappointed when you expected your team to lose in the first place? Maybe not. Well then, we had a very expected time? Whatever. We ate at Angie's. It's where the locals eat. It's also "Where the locals eat!" HAHA Inside joke. Whatever.

Here are some pics of the great time we had:

Please pay no attention to the large wideness of this belly at this point. Huge boobs + huge belly = Unflattering.

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W Hansen said...

You guys are dedicated UNLV fans.