Monday, October 1, 2012

A beach in Idaho?

You saw that correctly, my friends... There is in fact, a beach in Idaho. It's called Bear Lake. And I don't now why Matt never brought me here before, but he got an earful of that when I got home. Matt's Aunt Susan picked me and Addy up early one morning in August, and we along with Gentry, Lindsay and Jessica drove the 2 hours to Bear Lake.

We could walk out into the water for at least 100 feet before it got too deep to walk. The water felt wonderful as it was still August. This was Addy's first experience in sand. She loved every second of it. My camera was on it's way out when I started taking pictures, and so they suck. But at least I was conscious enough to remember to bring one. So I tried:

She has her own tiny-sized pool to play in!

This is me trying to capture her little butt cheek hanging out. Hahaha 

There is water there, and sand there and this is the greatest day of my life!

Getting brave out in the water. And those tiny heads out there, yeah, they are standing.

Gentry getting all robot, lizard, aliened up.

Notice the sand on her mouth. Yeah, she took a bite or two.

Jessica is a mermaid with large fin syndrome.

And Lindsay looking adorable as ever in her mermaid costume.

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