Wednesday, October 10, 2012

We love fall.

This week got ridiculously cold in Blackfoot. Me and the built-in space heater are not complaining, however. We have officially installed the down comforter on our bed, And Addy is back to warm footie pajamas. Life is good. Fall is here:

When we go on walks, Addy doesn't like sitting in the stroller. She'd rather push. This, however, is perfect training when Peanut #2 arrives. She's already learning how to help out!

You have not seen anymore belly pics. Here's why:
a) I'm fat. It's not fun to post this crap online.
b) This sounds sad, but I'm afraid we don't care as much this time around? Maybe we're just too busy/tired to think about it.

Either way, sorry.

In other news, Addy is going to Nursery this Sunday. Can I get a holla!?

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