Monday, October 1, 2012

Random Events

These would include mommy's quick trip to the store to come home and find this:

Daddy feeding the Grips lunch and teaching her about football.
We love to go geocaching. If you don't know what it is, look it up. Here are a few pictures from our geocaching adventures this month:

After we geocached one day, we went to the park with Aunt Shylo:

A little slow to take the picture. HA.

And a few candids:

This is what most of the pictures I take of Addy look like.
Gnawing on a carrot stick at Kaden's soccer game.
Say Cheese! This is what I get. A cheese ball.
Right outta the bath slick back hair don't mess with me picture. Oh, and I have a runny nose. Cute.
If you've never had a completo, call me and I'll tell you what you're missing.
So she climbs up into her stroller, and then get's all upset cause she can't get out gracefully. Tard.

At The Home Depot. We were there for so long, that Addy started making up stupid things to do.

In other news, there are many other fun things we've done this summer that I have no proof of now cause one of my SD cards got washed and then dried, and I lost it all. Sad. So here's a quick overview:
  • We went up to Palisades for our annual huckleberry picking camping trip. A BLAST. Addy was even very helpful when we picked berries. She picked them, smashed the very staining liquid into her clothes, and then ate the berries.
  • Matt and I went to a baseball game. Alone. I feel like that was eventful enough to be included.
  • We learned in July that we are having another baby girl! :)
  • I crossed something off my bucket list. I completed a 5k. At 5 months pregnant. With half a hip situation. And it was early in the morning. So I felt pretty great that day! HAHA
  • Ashlee and Ada came into town again and we lived it up with visiting and watching our tiny ones interact, taking a trip to the Zoo, going to Rupe's (there is a pattern here), and even attending Kaden's soccer game.
  • We had a Nate Family reunion! I playes multiple games of volleyball at 5.5 months pregnant. That was fun, but I was sore the next day. Ha. We played lots of guitar, lots of card games, and stayed up way too late. And pissed a few people off. HAHA
Looking back, I didn't think we did too much this summer, but I guess we really did! Whew.

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Cathrynn said...

That is our favorite park. It looks like you had fun and I'm very impressed with the 5k. What is a completo?