Monday, October 1, 2012

Hoge Cabin

In July, we were invited by Matt's buddy, Hoge, to spend a weekend up at their family cabin in Island Park. Obviously, as you'll see, I'm a shizzy picture taker this summer. And these are the pictures we ended up with for the whole weekend:

It's another MOOSE! And this one was so close! Just after taking this picture, we walked away, and the moose charged right up to where we were standing! He stopped just short of killing a few spectators, turned and ran away. Scary shiz.

Me and my moose at Big Springs.

This is a tiny cabin, and it's adorable!

Almond Joy Ice Cream from a little shack in West Yellowstone

Fun activities not pictured: visiting a wildlife preserve and seeing lots of cool animals, boating, watching movies, hanging out in West Yellowstone, going to church, and enjoying lots of delicious foods.

Side note: My mom and I are obsessed with wild flowers. We love to see them, and believe that when we do see a nice patch of them randomly growing, we feel Heavenly Father telling us He loves us. So here is a new wildflower that I'd never seen before, and it's so cool!

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