Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Our week at a glance. Or 11.

What's been noteworthy about this week? Hm...
  • I'm 14 weeks pregnant and still feeling like crap. Matt thinks this means that it's a boy. I think he's wishful thinking. :) I also started to read the hard copy or Les Miserables. The unabridged version. It's been a bucket list item of mine. Wish me luck!
  • Addy wrote her name for the first time by herself. She's getting so big. Also, her new favorite thing to do is sing "Jesus is Real to Me" AKA "I Know that My Savior Loves Me" She's really good at it! She knows all the words already.
  • Bryn is and will always be a midget. I wouldn't want her any other way.
  • Matt is still happy at his job. He has also recently acquired the calling of Primary Chorister which he is surprisingly happy with and (not so surprisingly) really good at.
  • We are trying to de-clutter our house. Matt is trying to sell everything on Craigslist. He's been pretty successful. If you want random crap, please contact us. We have some to spare.
  • These photos are some random moments from our week. Enjoy!

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