Friday, January 30, 2015

All the girls in the house have been sick for the past few days. It's been a nasty cold that has gone around. We are all on the mend.

We've had the perfect storm of all the things that result in a non-eventful week. A) winter, B) still feeling like crap (preg problems), C) sickness. We have been surviving. :)

One thing that I like to do with the girls is FaceTime my mom and my little sister. The girls love it too. So we like to gather around my computer to dance around and song primary songs and show our family what we've learned recently. Sometimes, the girls get it into their heads that they NEED to FaceTime someone, but no one is available. So I fire up the ole Photo Booth, and we are quite entertained for some time. Here are some of the photos we've taken recently:

Before we all got sick, we took a fun little day trip into Pocatello and went to lunch and, because the weather was nice, we went to a local park:

And then the cold hit us, so we ate pancakes, and took naps and watched movies:

Trying to take a snap for daddy and this was mid-cough. Sad.

Here's a sweet story. It's no secret to the girls that I haven't been feeling well since I've been pregnant. The other morning, Addy came into the bedroom with a special "Hot Chocolate Soup" because "this will make mommy feel better!" It was made of tin foil, Little People dwarves, socks, a bird and she even included a spoon for convenience. Such a sweet little person. It was delicious, by the way.

I've got this great app that Addy loves. It helps her learn how to properly write letters. It's really fun, and this way, learning is masked with iPad time and some fun graphics. Because Bryn looks up to her sister, she wants to play the game too! So here is a screen shot of Bryn's first attempt at writing her letters. They look accurate-ish, but if you saw the game, you'd agree that a 2-yr old could do it. It does, however, take some patience. She's growing up too fast. (There are a couple of letters missing because when you finish all the letters you can blow them up by tapping them.)

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