Saturday, March 31, 2012

We interrupt...

We interrupt this Conference weekend to bring you humor.

Matt just taught me the proper way to dunk your Oreo in milk.

It may be a secret that I love Oreos, but it probably isn't. But I digress.

Something I apparently need.
I love my Oreos soggy. I don't want even a hint of crunchiness when I lift that delicious wonderness from the depths of dairy. Well, I suck at doing this. I will throw the cookie into the milk and come back 5 minutes later only to find that it is still slightly crunchy! I have done this for years, and Matt has had it with me. He proceeded to school me in proper Oreo-sogging. Here's how you do it (per Matt):

  • You have to hold the Oreo vertical. The milk can't get into the cookie otherwise.
  • You also have to bob the cookie up and down to "shake out any of the the air bubbles" (this is the most important step)
  • And boom, like 10 seconds later, you have a perfectly soggied cookie. And a happy idiot wife.
Will someone please send me one of these things to make my life easier, and my fingers not so cold? Please and thanks.

I love google. I found idiots with my same problem. GO HERE
Also, I love this person.
Turns out, there's a support groups for folks like me: Soggy Oreos on FB

So there you have it folks. Bet that wasted a little bit of your time, eh? Well, it got us through the sustaining of church officers. Not that I don't sustain them. I do. It's just long. w/e you know what I mean.

Soggy Oreos for life.


Lori Ann said...

Taylor uses a fork. Stab the and dunk away. :-)

Mandee said...

You are so stinkin' funny! After I've dunked and bitten the oreo I have to take a swig of milk to get it just right.

Drew & Danielle said...

That just made me giggle... it sounds like something that Drew and I would have a debate about! Dunker fo' life!!!