Monday, September 7, 2009


Once again, I am sure there is a whole ton of schtuff we’ve been up to that I need to blog about, that I have yet to.... 

So this one will be a catch up post. (With Pictures... I know that’s the reason you’re looking at this blog right now anyways...)

So where to start.

Matt returned back from his boys weekend with my brothers, and I survived. :) He had a great time, although I don’t think I have any pictures for y’all.

June and July passed us by fairly quickly. We both have jobs. Matt is doing research work at the University and I am working in the dean’s office of the college of engineering at the University. I do a lot of design work and office work. Because I have been in front of a computer most of the day for the past few months, I have come to become obsessed with FARMVILLE of facebook.


My brother in law introduced me to this game, and if you’re not quite sure what it is, I hesitantly recommend you to check it out, for fear of you falling into the same obsessive excitement that I have. ANYWAYS... It has been awesome because Matt and I have been able to go to work everyday, and come home everyday together. He even comes over to the college of engineering for lunch everyday.

At the beginning of August, Matt and I finally started to sleep upstairs again. :) For those of you who have no idea why we wouldn’t be sleeping upstairs, here’s the quick scoop. Our air conditioning system in our house is lame. We have tiled floors downstairs and carpeted floors upstairs. Thus, in Vegas, HOT upstairs, COOLER (I hesitate to say cold) downstairs. The sensor for the AC is downstairs, where it stays generally cool. Well, the AC thinks it is cool everywhere in the house, so it will shut off often, even though it’s still 100° F upstairs. During the HOT summer months, unless we had the AC set to 60° F, we can’t bear the heat. So we have been camping out downstairs for the summer. Since  school is starting up again, we don’t want to have the mess and clutter we have downstairs from sleeping there. So we turn on a lot of fans, and sleep with no covers. We hope it’s going to start cooling down.

We also went hiking this past month. The day started out with Matt taking me into Boulder City where we had breakfast at the cutest, most fun diner called the Coffee Cup. It was featured on the Food Network’s, “Guy’s Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives”. I haven’t seen the episode, but I thought that was a fun little factoid. After breakfast, we walked down the street for a little antique shopping. From there, we headed to Lake Mead, because the gentleman that owned the diner recommended that we take the “Abandoned Railroad Hike”, near the lake. We tinkered around in the visitor’s center, and then got a map, and started out on the hike. It was really hot, but we had a good time reading all about the building of the dam, and whatnot. We went through 5 old tunnels that the train would pass through to get to the dam to deliver aggregate and all that good dam-building schtuff.

 After 4 miles of hiking, we got back to the truck, and went over to the dam, to check out the bridge (I had never seen it). It was really neat, although I don’t think I’m going to want to drive over it once it’s finished. A little high and skinny if you ask me.

So that’s really what we’ve been up to lately. The next post is pretty substantial. :)

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Stacie said...

Woo hoo! A post!! Sorry about the summer heat thing. These places certainly aren't known for their efficiency. Have the hubby talk to my hubby about what he did to cool the upstairs, it took some time, but our camping days are long over!