Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I haven't got anything fun to write about today. I don't mind if most of you will now close your browser and get on with life. I am just at work with a lot of time, and have a lot of things on my mind.

For all of you friends out there, here's the scoop on my and Matt's life. Bullet style (with expansion, when necessary)

  • We are both in school and are working for the University. Matt teaches a couple of calculus corses and I do a lot of the design work (invitations, banners, flyers, websites) for the College of Engineering.
  • We LOVE our callings. Matt is the Deacon's Advisor and I am the 2nd Counselor in the YW Presidency. We love working with the youth! It's very rewarding seeing their testimonies grow at such a young age.
  • We are still house hunting. Less than three months. Then I will be freezing my lop-sided A off. But, alas, we are still very excited to start a new adventure together. And I'm excited to have a garden and a clothes line. :)
  • UUhhh... I (Laura) am currently in the process of applying and transferring to ISU (Idaho State University) and I absolutely HATE the process. It's the transcripts. That's the downer. I went to 3 Colleges here in Las Vegas. I know, stupid. But when you gotta pay some bills, you have to find the schedule that fits with your STUPID work schedule. So anyways. Now I've gotta get the transcripts. Egh.
So those are the larger bullet points in our life... Hopefully I will be better and taking pictures, cataloging the fun moments of life, and sharing them with you all. Because our lives are SOOOO exciting... :)

P.S. I still have the Washington D.C. trip blog pending :) Thank you for your patience.

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Stacie said...

You crack me up! When you move I will be expecting pictures of the following:
- your clothes air-drying in the Idaho sun
- pics of the new house
- pics of the husband's yellowing bush so as to know which one to not step on if I ever visit!