Monday, July 7, 2008

So let's take this slow...

I am not going to blog the Wedding Day, the Reception, the Honeymoon, and moving in to our new house, and all that Jazz in one foul swoop... So I'll take it slowly. I hate getting all behind like this, because it's like getting behind in your journal writing. You miss a month, and then it takes you a month just to write about what happened in that month that you miss, and by that time, you have even more to write about, and it's a huge mess. I hate it. So forgive me if the MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF MY LIFE is a little abbreviated, I will come back and edit this blog to add more, but I hate sitting at a computer for more thatn like 20 minutes at a time... SO it might take a while, plus I don't have a lot of the pictures yet, so I will wait til I have them all on CD to add any. Whew. I am already done... Hahaha

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