Monday, July 7, 2008

The Day.

I woke up with Heather, my sister, at about 5 am. Hair takes a freaking long time to do! So we were doing my hair, and I was wide awake!!! So we all started to get ready, and it was almost time to go! I wasn't really that nervous, just excited. We hopped in the car and drove to the Temple. Surprisingly, I didn't forget anything! We got to the Temple, and they brought my parents and I into a room where they check to make sure you have everything (Marriage License, etc.). We were supposed to arrive at the Temple by 7:45 am. And what happened? Matt was late. By 7 minutes. I was calm as heck, cause I am used to this... ;) But he was late because he forgot almost everything!! I thought it was precious. He was sitting in the chair next to me in the little Temple office, and he looked so dazed. I don't think he knew what was about to hit him. We got then went into the dressing rooms, and then waited to go into the sealing rooms. The ceremony was beautiful. I was bawling, and Matt still didn't know what was going on. It was wonderful to see all our family and loved ones (especially Matt's who all traveled from Idaho). Then, when we were officially, Mr. & Mrs. Cutler, we got dressed in our social attire (Wedding dress & Suit) and walked out the Temple doors to see our families and friends all there waiting for us. Luckily, we had already taken all the Temple photos 2 weeks earlier, when the weather wasn't 278930 degrees. So we took a few with the families and friends and what not, and then left the Temple. We had all our family meet us at a Mediterranean Grill called The Olive. It's our favorite restaurant, and we have had many special occasions there. So we had a whole half of the place reserved for our party, and everyone LOVED the food! Then we followed our family back to our house so we could give anyone who hadn't seen it yet a tour... We have no furniture downstairs still, so everyone stood around, and that lasted about 10 minutes. So then they all left... And then we were home alone ;)

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