Monday, February 18, 2008

Where it all started...

Technically, the very first time we met was at church on February 25, 2007. I bore my testimony and mentioned that I had one leg shorter than the other because I have no hip socket on one side. He cornered me in Sunday School, and told me that he, too, had a hip problem and that one of his legs was shorter than the other!! He told me that his name was Matt, but throughout class, people were calling him Cutler. The hole time I heard "Color" and was very confused, and asked myself a few times, "What kind of hippie parents would name their kid Color?"
To start our real story... I had just sent off a missionary and he had a girlfriend. I met him a few days after my missionary left, and Matt wanted to help me get out, have fun and meet people. He was in the Relief Society room at the UNLV LDS Institute. I was in the rec room, and I heard someone playing the piano in the next room. I asked my friends if they knew who was playing the piano, and added that I was a sucker for a guy that can play. They told me that his name was Matt, and asked if I wanted to meet him. I suddenly got shy and reserved and declined. They dragged me into the room, where I saw a strapping and studly young man tickling the ivory. We talked for a little while about my recent break-up (with the guy I sent on a mission). I told him that it was hard, and that I needed to get out and have fun. He drew directions to his frat-pad, and asked if I wanted to go to the UNLV basketball game that night. I had to go, because he was a cutie, and it would help me get my mind off the missionary.
I went to his apartment that night, and he and I walked the 1/2 mile or so to the Thomas & Mack. During our walk, we talked about everything from cheese, to forklifts. I soon realized that this guy was really down to earth, and I really, REALLY liked talking to him. We had a great time at the game, and he even invited me to the game the next night! We went to the game, but I forgot to wear REBEL RED. So, we had to walk back to his apartment so he could find me the right color shirt. We talked again about cheese, and found out that he pretty much loves the stuff more than life itself. After the game, he took me to Cugino's Italian Deli, where he told me that it was really refreshing to meet someone like me, because he was having a hard time knowing if his girlfriend was the right one for him. He said that he didn't have much to talk with her about, and he couldn't have fun just being with her, they had to be doing something. He said it was nice to meet me, because he knows that there are girls out there that he really can talk to. I thought that this was a sweet comment, but didn't think anything could of would come of it. He walked me to my car, and as I drove away, I looked back in my rear-view mirror, and said out loud to myself, "What a great guy".
From that point on, we were almost inseperable, and became quick best friends.

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