Monday, March 9, 2015

This blog post is really fun for me. It recounts a really fun week in my life. But before we get there, here are some random pictures.

Kolby introduced me to this. And Ritz are a magical vehicle for it.

I cleaned out my night stand of bobby pins. This is how many there were. Yikes.
 Here is where our magical weekend begins. Matt's mom so very kindly offered to watch the girls for 2 days while Matt and I enjoyed a "baby-moon" and gallivanted around SLC. So here we go.

We started out the weekend by doing a live session in the SLC temple. Neither of us had ever done this. It was a really cool experience.

I loved these tiny house displays in the visitor's center.

We toured around the conference center and saw original works of art. I loved this stained glass piece of Lehi's vision.

And I was thrilled to see the originals of all the BOM paintings.

Matt was beyond excited to finally see the roof of the conference center.

We parked on level Bon Jovi. This is a ridiculously embarrassing inside joke.

Then we headed over to RubySnap Cookies and were treated by our friend Alex, to the most amazing cookies ever. This one is a coconut chocolate one. It was freaking delicious.

We went to dinner at Stoneground and had mushroom goat cheese pizza and lobster and black tagliatelle. Holy smokes.

Matt drove me through a new neighborhood where all the houses are designed after the old school houses that I've always loved. I want this one.

AAANNNNDDD the UP house.

We stopped at a grocery store to pick up our picnic lunch for the day we planned visiting the GREAT Salt Lake. These are the largest Honey Crisp apples I've ever seen in this life.

And the tiniest shopping cart ever.
For some strange reason, Matt has always had a dream to step into the Salt Lake. So here's proof of the fulfilling of a dream.
It was not my dream. It was FUH-REEZING.

Matt is sweet.

My handsome man.

We loved how reflective the Salt Lake was at sunset.

We ate at some great places, had so many laughs, and are still more in love with each other than we ever have been. It was such a great weekend.

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