Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Howween!

Our little ones had a pretty fun Halloween. On Wednesday, we went to our ward's Halloween, I mean Fall Carnival. Addy was in heaven. She ran around with her little friends and played all the games, and ate lots of candy. When I wasn't looking. Okay, maybe I did let her chow down a little bit. It's Halloween! And she's 2 and a half. If she doesn't get to eat candy, that is un-American. That's my opinion. Anyways, from the pictures you will deduce that Addy was a princess and Bryn a "quack quack".

Now let me explain to you why Matt is the greatest husband: He works swing shift every other week. Yes it is annoying, and can get complicated, but we live with it. ANYWAYS, it turns out that the weeks that we have any ward function, Relief Society activity, book group, holiday, etc., he is working until 1 AM. So I got the girls ready and hauled them with me to the church for the ward party. Luckily, we have so many wonderful angels in our ward who are willing to hang out with Addy and help me out. But the next night was Halloween, and Addy is finally old enough to kind of care about it. I think she understands that dressing up is fun, and she understands that candy is good, so that settled that. I wanted to try my luck at taking the girls trick-or-treating solo. I did mention to Matt months ago that it was sad that he wouldn't be there for he first trick-or-treating experience. But that's all I said. There is no use moaning and complaining about something that can't be helped. So after school, I picked the girls up and hurried home to get them ready for the evening. Well, the truck Matt takes to work was still home. You guys, he took work off so he could be with us. What a great surprise for our family! Addy couldn't have been more excited to hold Daddy's hand as we went door to door in our neighborhood. It was a good night. 

One more Halloween related thing: Addy was having a hard time saying "trick-or-treat" at the door, but was pretty pro at saying "HAPPY HOWWEEN!" I know. Presh. But it wasn't until we were walking away that she says "trick treat," "Howween," "I got a lotta cannies," (as she shakers her bucket and RUNS to the next house) and "Iss fun guys!" All the while, little ducky Bryn is hanging out in the stroller thinking, "whatever, this is cool."

Kids are the greatest blessing in the world.






In other non-essential news, I have a couple of works showing in another gallery. This is exciting for me. ALSO, I am graduating in May. Yep. GRADUATING. Oh man, that is cool to say. So if you are in Idaho around February-March, stop by ISU and check out my Senior Show. That's all.

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