Monday, March 3, 2008

Wedding preparations

So now that I'm engaged and the initial shock has subsided, it's time to PLAN A WEDDING!!! I have had so much fun so far! I have been engaged only for about 3 weeks, but have almost everything done! Here's the list of stuff checked off: Date (06/07/08), Place for wedding (Las Vegas LDS Temple), Place for reception (Tropicana LDS Chapel), Wedding Dress, Temple Dress, Bride's Maids Dresses, his ring, people to do cake, flowers (Gerber Daisies), food, decorating. I've made lots of appointments, and have searched through millions of magazines! I do love it though.
I am, however, still searching for a photographer that knows all about Mormon weddings.


Wadsworths said...

Oh, you guys are so cute!

Kellie Knapp said...

um... freakin hello!! I just read your adorable story and want to die of overwhelming amounts of cute. ok so I need an update...Do you still need a wedding photographer? I know of a few super good ones, so lemme know girl! You are so gorgeous and I'm SO happy for you!!!